Tuesday, 21 January 2014

First football match experience

Me and my girl ashleen got tickets for the westbrom vs Everton football game 20/01/14 .
I've never been to a match or watched a full 90 minutes game on Tv, but it's more interesting being in the stadium because you get a live motion and the fans chanting.

We also see what you don't see on tv, the outakes such as the players warming up or fans doing what they do best which is "sing" songs for the players.
And of course i was supporting west brom. 
Everton scored their first goal on the first
Half , the albion struggled to maintain their position in the pitch but Diego lugano equalised in the second half the fans were so content and saved the night.

I would like to watch another game .
WBA on 13th position, this year they will be making progress..

 In the car park
Mr Anelka
The team

That's it for now guys , i'll leave you to it..
Adios , aurevoir , bye 😘

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