Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cranium or Die

More hats coming soon

T-shirts £20-30 , 100% Originality 

                                                                              The famous Cranium tops 

Judas IV - Coming soon...

For the Navy's Army

All eyes on Us, Coming soon.

One of my favourite , coming soon.

Cranium is situated in the heart of Coventry , right in the city centre 5 minutes away from the train station. It's an urban clothes/hats designed by a very talented man called Victor with the help of his wife Lacey , The clothes are 100% original you will not get better quality and originality else where I promise you. The owner is planning of expanding his brand ,  "cranium" in every platform if possible such as magazines, Music catalogue and lastly new designs. They also have a barber down stairs and an xbox for the Youngers to play their favourite games  while waiting to get an hair cut. It's an extremely Friendly atmosphere , voted by coventry locals the best chilling spot in Cov , You could spend hours in there catching jokes with the barbers and staffs.

Why don't you come down and check out cranium? you would not regret it !

Cranium or die ! 

what do you guys think of the brand?? original?? have your say .. drop a comment .

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