Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Outfit of the day| 50 shades of green

Model : Ashleen hylton 

Freshly got her nails done to match her lovely outfit , baggy jumper and a maxi black skirt highly ideal for morning lectures with a touch of the biker leather jacket .

Jumper | Primark
Maxi skirt | Miss guided 
Shoes  | Asos 
Jacket | Only

First football match experience

Me and my girl ashleen got tickets for the westbrom vs Everton football game 20/01/14 .
I've never been to a match or watched a full 90 minutes game on Tv, but it's more interesting being in the stadium because you get a live motion and the fans chanting.

We also see what you don't see on tv, the outakes such as the players warming up or fans doing what they do best which is "sing" songs for the players.
And of course i was supporting west brom. 
Everton scored their first goal on the first
Half , the albion struggled to maintain their position in the pitch but Diego lugano equalised in the second half the fans were so content and saved the night.

I would like to watch another game .
WBA on 13th position, this year they will be making progress..

 In the car park
Mr Anelka
The team

That's it for now guys , i'll leave you to it..
Adios , aurevoir , bye 😘

Monday, 20 January 2014

The Face of JD ♥

Just a quick post to let you readers know i applied for Jd's face , and i need you to vote for me to model for JD and appear on billboards across the UK. I have until the 20th of February to get up to 300+ Vote to get on the top 20 in all regions asap. I would really appreciate.

To vote you need to have a facebook account and a computer , the link sometime works on mobile but rarely depending on your network.

For my overseas readers JD is a sports fashion retail based in the UK, and hugely  consumed by teenagers .


Click below to vote and for my Instagram  : 

Thank you in advance 


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Cranium or Die

More hats coming soon

T-shirts £20-30 , 100% Originality 

                                                                              The famous Cranium tops 

Judas IV - Coming soon...

For the Navy's Army

All eyes on Us, Coming soon.

One of my favourite , coming soon.

Cranium is situated in the heart of Coventry , right in the city centre 5 minutes away from the train station. It's an urban clothes/hats designed by a very talented man called Victor with the help of his wife Lacey , The clothes are 100% original you will not get better quality and originality else where I promise you. The owner is planning of expanding his brand ,  "cranium" in every platform if possible such as magazines, Music catalogue and lastly new designs. They also have a barber down stairs and an xbox for the Youngers to play their favourite games  while waiting to get an hair cut. It's an extremely Friendly atmosphere , voted by coventry locals the best chilling spot in Cov , You could spend hours in there catching jokes with the barbers and staffs.

Why don't you come down and check out cranium? you would not regret it !

Cranium or die ! 

what do you guys think of the brand?? original?? have your say .. drop a comment .

Newbie !!

Hey bloggers , ♥ 

I'm new , I'm a wordpress user so it's going to get me a while to get used to this.
Currently studying Journalism & Media , I love fashion,technology & make up so I will blog about nearly everything.

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